Joint Life

Insurance Coverage
Shot of a mature woman hugging her husband

Choose security for your surviving spouse.

While planning for the future, one of the most important things to consider is your family’s well-being. Many people hope they can depend on Social Security and their retirement savings. However, what would happen if you or your spouse passes away and that income is significantly reduced? Isn’t it better to choose security now so that you or your spouse can afford to live as comfortably as you did together?
Shot of a mature woman hugging her husband
LifeShield offers a Joint Whole Life Policy that is designed to provide you with financial assistance during a challenging time. If one of you were to pass away, you or your spouse might have additional financial needs that extend over several months to years. Our policy can be customized to fulfill your family’s specific financial planning goals now and in the years to come.

Benefits Available

You will receive the following benefits:

  • Both lives are insured, with benefits paid to the surviving spouse
  • Terminal Illness Rider included
  • Customized benefits options
  • Competitive premiums that will never increase
  • Death benefits that will never decrease while building cash value

In one easy application, you and your spouse can choose a death benefit that makes both of you more comfortable in knowing that the future is a little more secure.

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